Monday, March 22, 2010

Reduce, reuse and recycle

In addition to sourcing green materials, we have been successful in saving several items from landfill:
  1. I posted our deck on Freecycle "a non-profit organization that organizes a worldwide network of "gifting" groups, aiming to divert reusable goods from landfills. It provides a worldwide online registry, and coordinates the creation of local groups and forums for individuals and non-profits to offer and receive free items for reuse or recycling, promoting gift economics as a motivating cultural outlook" and a contractor from Barrie came down, dismantled and re-used it.
  2. Next came the 4 large shrubs, again posted on Freecycle that were dug up and given new homes in High Park.
  3. A friend of a friend came down from Orangeville and in 3 days dismantled our 10 x 10 gazebo for re-use on his property.
  4. Next came posting our hardwoods and old wooden windows on Craiglists' 'free' section which resulted in people coming after move-out to reclaim the hardwoods, windows, doors and a 'soot trap' for the chimney.
  5. A friend of ours will come to dismantle the 'click flooring' and re-use it at her place AND I am taking the wall-to-wall from the basement and one bedroom to use in the unfinished basement of the new home.
  6. In addition, we are taking all light fixtures, ceiling fans, bath fixtures for potential reuse or recycle/
All said and done, even though I could not arrange to have our entire house re-located and re-used, we believe we have done our best!

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